Our #SolutionaryStories Book Picks 

Each year, we feature a curated group of new, traditionally published nonfiction children's books about solutionaries helping people, animals & the planet. We prioritize books on diverse subjects & by diverse creators. See the bottom of this page for our specific Book Picks criteria.


(Starting in 2020, we post our "Top 40 Solutionary Stories" at the end of each year. The 19 books in 2019 were part of a diverse nonfiction kidlit promo group, and we're preserving those book picks and blog posts on this website.)

2020 Books ​

Our Top 40 Solutionary Stories from 2020... ​

2019 Books

We started with a small group of 19 wonderful books in 2019... ​

Our #SolutionaryStories Book Picks Criteria

There is no single definition of what constitutes a "diverse book." However, we strive in good faith to choose high-quality, well-vetted books that have diverse authors, illustrators & topics and feature solutionary themes about creating a more diverse, equitable, just, compassionate & healthy world. 

Thus, we prioritize these criteria for our book picks:

  • Traditionally published (trade) illustrated nonfiction children's books.*

  • Topics that inspire kids to help people, animals & the planet.


  • Diverse authors and/or illustrators—embracing the We Need Diverse Books definition of diversity: including (but not limited to) BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities.​​


We don't feature every single book that meets these criteria, but we hope to spotlight a great collection for folks to engage in and jump off from. Rather than formal reviews, our website/blog simply highlights books we recommend.

* The great majority of our book picks fit the purist definition of "nonfiction," though a few may have elements that could put them in the "informational fiction" category for some (for example, memoir perspective, poetry, or a piece of dialogue that's factually accurate but not an exact quote). All book picks have a nonfiction topic focus and are researched & vetted as nonfiction books are, with thorough notes in the back matter.

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