Author Alice Faye Duncan's Poem for Gwendolyn Brooks

Author Alice Faye Duncan writes a poem to use when teaching her #DiverseKidlitNF book, A Song for Gwendoyln Brooks.

By Alice Faye Duncan, #DiverseKidlitNF Author

I wrote A Song for Gwendolyn Brooks across two years (2015-2017). Researching her life on the South Side of Chicago, and reading poems by this Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, taught me many lessons that will benefit writers and readers. I have shared a few of those lessons here, in an acrostic poem.

GWENDOLYN BROOKS—(Acrostic Poem #2)

* For more back story on Alice Faye Duncan, Gwendolyn Brooks, and this #NFinColor book, check out this article in School Library Journal and this interview with Alice on The Children's Book Podcast!

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